What is a scheme?

A scheme is made up of a set of requirements and procedures which direct how conformity assessment activities will be conducted.

What is a conformity assessment scheme and what does it do?

A conformity assessment scheme in its simplest terms is a set of requirements and procedures that establishes how a conformity assessment body will undertake the certification of a system, product, process, service or person against specified requirements or standard.

The conformity assessment scheme will usually include information, requirements and procedures around the following:

  • Objectives of the scheme, including the benefits expected to be achieved for stakeholders and end users
  • Responsibilities of key stakeholders involved in the scheme
  • The scope of the scheme with respect to the industry sectors and standards for certification
  • Certification process requirements, including the conformity assessment activities and frequencies
  • Competencies required to be demonstrated by personnel undertaking certification activities
  • The use of any certification marks associated with the scheme.

Who owns schemes?

Schemes can be owned and operated by public and private sector entities.  An example of a scheme which most people will be familiar with is the WaterMark scheme.  This scheme is owned by the Australian Building Codes Board, the regulator of building products in Australia.  When purchasing plumbing products you may have seen the following mark:

What is the purpose of schemes?

Schemes support market transactions or the delivery of public services.  For example, we all benefit from the WaterMark Scheme because we have confidence that the plumbing products installed in our homes and businesses meet established high standards for safety and reliability.  These products have been certified by a certification body who in turn has been accredited for that activity by JASANZ.

What does JASANZ do with schemes?

We work with scheme owners who want to develop a new scheme or have a scheme endorsed or recognised. We assist with the design and development of schemes, but also have a formal process for existing schemes that are seeking recognition or endorsement.  We also provide accreditation to conformity assessment bodies (CABs) who seek to offer certification under our endorsed schemes.