The JASANZ Treaty specifies the governance arrangements, obligations and objectives of the organisation, as well as its authority to operate as an accreditation body.

Governing Board

JASANZ operations are overseen by a governing board comprising of ten members, six of whom are appointed by the Australian Government and three by the New Zealand Government. The Chief Executive of JASANZ is the tenth member.

The Governing Board have the sole authority over the rights and responsibilities of JASANZ. The Governing Board appoints the members of the Technical Advisory Council and the Accreditation Review Board.

Governing Board Members

Howard Duff


Robin Fardoulys AM

Deputy Chair

Suzanne Campbell

Dr James Galloway


Debra Hall

Jeanette Roberts

Jacqueline Wilkins

Steve McCutcheon

Alison Drury

Matthew Molloy

Technical Advisory Council

The Technical Advisory Council represents JASANZ stakeholders. It ensures our activities are impartial and transparent and advises the Governing Board on matters including the Accreditation Review Board.

The Council has up to 25 members. It makes sure that technical experts and stakeholders are involved in developing accreditation programs. It also supervises working groups and technical committees.

Accreditation Review Board

The Accreditation Review Board includes people with appropriate technical experience and expertise from a cross section of industries and technologies. The Accreditation Review Board is responsible for decisions about granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing accreditation.


The Secretariat is the administrative arm of the Board. It’s located in Canberra, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand. For more information on the Secretariat structure, you can Meet the Team.

Reporting on performance

The JASANZ Treaty requires the Governing Board to provide to the Australian and New Zealand Ministers a Statement of Corporate Intent and an Annual Report, respectively before and after the financial year.
These reports are provided to: