Scheme endorsement

Scheme Endorsement is a term that JASANZ uses for the process that we undertake to ensure that an established scheme is considered fit for accredited conformity assessment.  That is that the scheme has been developed and maintained in a manner in which provides confidence that the conformity assessment results may be consistently replicated.

JASANZ scheme endorsement requires a detailed, considered appraisal of the rationale for your scheme, including the suitability of its requirements for achieving its desired objectives.  The criteria we use are based on internationally accepted criteria for schemes, and are similar to those used by our peers globally.

Benefits to scheme owners of JASANZ endorsement

Scheme owners who have chosen JASANZ to develop their schemes can be confident that the scheme has been designed to be fit for purpose. They will have the benefit of years of experience and specific, technical expertise in their field.

JASANZ endorsement is internationally recognised. It is a mark of credibility and an assurance of quality that sends positive signals to the marketplace and consumers.

There are significant benefits to both scheme owners and markets from JASANZ scheme endorsement. Endorsement of a scheme brings the scheme under accredited certification, and that means that JASANZ will assess the implementation of the scheme requirements by CABs during our assessment activities on an ongoing basis, providing further confidence of consistent application of the scheme across the CABs involved.

To find out more about scheme endorsement, or to ask any questions, please contact the Technical Team at

Step-by-step process for scheme endorsement by JASANZ

Step 1 – Complete pre-application checklist

If an applicant scheme owner would like to apply for scheme endorsement, the applicant is asked to complete:

  • the Scheme Endorsement ‘Checklist of actions to take before a scheme endorsement application is accepted by JASANZ.

The intent of asking for this preliminary information is to assess the likelihood for success of the application prior to charging the application fee (as it is not refundable once the application proceeds).

Step 2 – Attend a pre-application meeting.

Following completion of the Checklist:

  • attend a pre-application meeting with JASANZ so we can learn more about the proposed scheme and its objectives.

Step 3 – Applicant is invoiced the endorsement fee.

Following this meeting, if the applicant still wishes to proceed with seeking endorsement by JASANZ, they are required to:

  • pay the endorsement fee and any additional amount that’s required, if advised through the formal scheme endorsement quote.
  • Provide a completed scheme endorsement application form (form 171) which will be provided.

Note: Payment of this fee is not a guarantee that the scheme will be endorsed by JASANZ.  At this time the fee is AUD $6000 +GST.

Step 4 – Scheme review against endorsement criteria

The applicant scheme is then reviewed against the scheme endorsement criteria by a panel of experts.  At the completion of the review the applicant will be provided with the opportunity to:

  • provide additional information against certain criteria (as requested by the panel)
  • address any issues in relation to concerns raised
  • revise documentation in order to comply with criteria, including development of any supplementary documentation.

Applicants will be allowed three rounds of appraisals of their scheme’s screening, this allows for revisions and modifications of the scheme following feedback.  Following the appraisals, JASANZ will provide written advice on any areas that require further action.  At any stage, JASANZ reserves the right to issue a formal rejection letter of the scheme, with an outline of reasons.

Step 5 – Decision regarding endorsement

Following the final review of the scheme against the criteria, the panel chair will provide a written report including recommendations to the JASANZ Executive regarding the outcome of the review. The Executive take into consideration the report provided by the panel and any other risks or opportunities that may not have considered by the panel.  The final decision as to whether endorsement proceeds sits with the JASANZ Executive.  The scheme owner will be provided with written advice on the outcomes of this decision process, whether positive or otherwise.

Step 6 – Publish scheme

JASANZ publishes all endorsed schemes on our website.

Step 7 – Periodic reviews

JASANZ staff will work with scheme owners regarding periodic reviews of their scheme, and are available for discussions around impending changes and how this may effect the scheme standing.  Scheme owners should always discuss with JASANZ staff any intended changes prior to publication.