About Us

We’re the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand — commonly known as JASANZ (pronounced JAZZ ans).

Our purpose is to help businesses, products and people work better. We provide internationally-recognised accreditation services that create economic benefits.

What JASANZ does

We accredit the bodies that certify or inspect organisations’ management systems, products, services or people. We speicfy the assessment criteria that certifiers and inspectors must meet to become accredited within our sectors.

What does the JASANZ symbol mean?

The JASANZ symbol is a mark of competence and reliability. It means that a certifier or inspector can be trusted to assess whether organisations’ management systems, products, services and people conform to standards.

How accreditation adds value

Accreditation is a seal of approval. It gives consumers — retailers, wholesalers and individual consumers — confidence that their purchases can be relied on to meet required standards.

Benefits for business, regulators and government

  • management of risks
  • streamlined operations
  • reduced trade barriers for access of goods and services to foreign markets
  • assurance that goods and services are safe
  • stronger national, Trans-Tasman and international trade.