Becoming Accredited

Here are the key application steps for becoming accredited through JASANZ. More details are provided to applicants.

  • How do I apply?

  • What are the costs?

  • How long does it take?

  • What happens once I’m accredited?

How to apply for JASANZ accreditation

Step 1 – Pre-application

Pre-application assesses your organisation’s suitability for accreditation and whether JASANZ can accredit your organisation.

To start the process, complete this pre-application form on the contact us page of the website. You’ll be sent a link to a portal where you can submit application information.

We’ll review the form and advise you if you can proceed to the application stage.

Step 2 – Application

To start the assessment procedure:

  • review the Accreditation Manual.
  • sign the Applicants Deed.
  • upload all required documentation through the portal.
  • pay the application fee.

We then review your application.

Please note: If your application is inadequate at the outset, we’re not obligated to accredit your organisation. The Applicants Deed and associated Accreditation Manual, which you will have been provided at pre-application, sets out the conditions you need to meet and the assessment criteria.

Step 3 – Assessment

If your application is accepted, then JASANZ performs two assessments:

Systems assessment

  • We examine your documentation against the accreditation criteria to determine compliance. You need to prepare the system documentation thoroughly because this stage is about demonstrating that your organisation is an acceptable risk.

Compliance assessment

  • We conduct an office assessment and witness assessment(s). We don’t accredit on documentation alone — you need to demonstrate that you can put your management systems into practice.  The extent and number of assessments undertaken at this stage will depend on the scope of accreditation your organisation is seeking.

Step 4 – Accreditation decision

JASANZ assessment teams present their findings to the Accreditation Decision Panel for a decision on whether to grant accreditation and if any conditions are to be placed on the accreditation.


If your application is approved, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Accreditation and accompanying Accreditation Schedule outlining the scope of your accreditation.

Not approved

If your application is not approved, you’ll be sent a formal notification outlining why. It could be that your application is incomplete or contains errors. Your application can be rejected on other grounds.

You can appeal the decision or make a complaint here.

Step 5 – Post-accreditation surveillance

If you’re accredited, JAS-ANZ will monitor your compliance throughout your five-year accreditation term — this provides you with important feedback on continuing compliance of your systems and performance.


This monitoring will include scheduled and unscheduled surveillance:

  • Visits — Our assessors may visit your premises to assess how you work, witness your performance, conduct probity and validation visits.
  • Assessments — Our assessors will conduct assessments in your offices and will observe your auditors at your client(s) premises.

Continuing accreditation

If all goes well your accreditation continues until the end of the five-year term.


Certification is a complex business and systems and practices can get out of alignment. With emerging problems, it’s critical that you let us know how you’re responding.

  • Are you solving the problem?
  • Do you understand the underlying cause of the problem?
  • Does your proposed solution convince us that you’re in control?

You need to inform JASANZ of what you are going to do through your portal. Then you’re responsible for putting changes into practice.

If our surveillance highlights ongoing problems, you’ll need to make changes and the scope of your accreditation may be reduced or terminated. You’ll be notified in writing of the reasons why and given the opportunity to appeal these decisions.

How much will accreditation cost?

The cost of accreditation differs based on the following factors:

  • The size of the body seeking accreditation.
  • The complexity of the organisation, as this will have an effect on assessment durations.
  • The number of sites from which services are offered.
  • The number of schemes and standards that the body wishes to be accredited for.
  • The technical scope that the body is seeking accreditation for, that is the number of technical sectors.
  • The number of countries that the body wishes to operate in or issue certificates into.

These factors will affect the number and type of assessments to be undertaken during the initial assessment and for ongoing surveillance.

Once accredited, annual fees and certificate fees will be charged. These are published through our Accreditation Manual, available to all applicant and accredited bodies.

How long does accreditation take?

How long will it take for our organisation to become accredited after we apply?

The timing is dependent on your preparation.

If all is in good order, JASANZ can usually schedule the first visit within three months of receipt of application, with the complete process taking between 6-8 months from application to accreditation.


The major issues that we encounter with applications that are delayed include:

  • Poor quality documentation
    We undertake a systems assessment (document review) against the accreditation requirements prior to an on-site assessment. Any nonconformities need to be addressed before the application can progress.
  • Lack of evidence of implementation of the structural requirements of the accreditation criteria
    The criteria require particular structures to be formed, such as mechanisms to ensure impartiality. We often find there is a lack of understanding around these requirements resulting in poor implementation of structures to meet requirements.
  • Lack of evidence implementation of procedures
    This is often detected at the compliance assessment, where practices and procedures don’t match. Any nonconformities need to be addressed before accreditation can be granted.

What happens once I’m accredited?

As indicated in Step 5 above, once you’re accredited, JAS-ANZ will continue to monitor your compliance throughout your five-year accreditation term, after which you can reapply for a new accreditation term of five years.