Certificate upload portal update

A replacement system has been developed, beta tested and is now ready for general access.
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JASANZ CABs currently use https://forms.jas-anz.org to process certificate data from CABs to populate the JASANZ Register (https://register.jasanz.org).

A replacement system has been developed, beta tested and is now ready for general access.

This serves as an additional reminder to the content released on the CAB and Assessor blogs / emailed to the CAB primary contacts in October.

What is happening?

https://forms.jas-anz.org is being switched off and replaced with a new application; https://portal.jasanz.org.

When is it happening?

https://portal.jasanz.org was made available on 21/10/2022.
https://forms.jasanz.org will be disabled on 25/11/2022.
This gives a migration window of approximately one month.

Why is it happening?

The Certificate Upload Portal is one of our older applications and relies heavily on a database synchroniser to perform its operations.

The connected synchroniser has been identified as a key failure point for the organisation and is being retired.

By replacing this application, we remove a failure point from our infrastructure.
We also want to deliver new functions for our stakeholders; this platform lays a foundation for future change.

What you need to do

Be aware that the change is occurring:


Share this content with any users in your organisation that provide certificate data to JASANZ.
The new system is currently available to all users.
The old system will be disabled for all users on 25/11/2022.
To prepare for the change, review the system documentation, available at the link below (see Getting Support).


As an assessor, this may impact you during an assessment when reviewing a CAB’s input to the register.
You may be contacted by CABs regarding the change; please direct them to the Information Systems team at jasanzitsupport@jasanz.org
To prepare for the change you may wish to review the system documentation, see Getting Support.

Getting Support

Documentation is available here: Certificate Upload Portal – Information Systems FAQ
The page above includes a video walkthrough of the system.
Detailed documentation is available at the same link for each function in the system, including advanced functions like API connectivity.
You can also book a call with us through this link: //outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/JASANZPortalIntroduction [at] jas-anz.org/bookings/”>Book your JAS-ANZ Portal introduction


Will I / my team have access?

If you can log in to SharePoint or the current https://forms.jasanz.org application, you will be able to log in to https://portal.jasanz.org.

We reached out to all CABs between 11/07/2022 – 15/07/2022 to confirm the current set of users; any changes identified were processed and have been applied to the new application.
If changes are required, please have your Primary Contact supply the full name, email address and action required for users to us at jasanzitsupport@jas-anz.org.

What happens with my settings from https://forms.jas-anz.org?

Any existing notifications and mappings have been synced across to the new system for you, as of 22/10/2022.

If you create new mappings in https://forms.jasanz.org, you will also need to create them in https://portal.jasanz.org.

We upload our certificates over FTP, do we need to change our configuration?

No changes are required to your FTP configuration.

FTP uploads will be migrated over for processing on https://portal.jasanz.org on 25/11/2022.
If you would like to migrate your FTP uploads sooner, please contact us at jasanzitsupport@jasanz.org.

Is there a testing environment available?

Yes. If you would like to access the testing environment to get comfortable with the changes, please contact us at jasanzitsupport@jasanz.org.
If you have any questions or require further assistance, please reach out to us at jasanzitsupport@jasanz.org.


Will I / my team have access?

At this stage, assessors will not have direct access to the system.
This is on the product roadmap as it would improve the visibility of certificate information during assessments.

Is there a testing environment available?

Yes. CABs have access to a test environment where they can familiarise themselves with functions before using the platform.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please reach out to us at jasanzitsupport@jasanz.org.

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