Other services

JASANZ provides other services for schemes, including capacity-building services and assessment services for scheme owners.

Industry stakeholders

JASANZ can apply its expertise across a wide range of industries and opportunities. It sometimes works with stakeholders on projects to conduct regional or industry-specific capacity-building in the area of conformity assessment.  JASANZ can also provide advisory or evaluation services to public scheme owners who may be looking to review their scheme in light of changes in the environment within which the scheme operates.

Capacity-building services

Case study — Pacific Quality Infrastructure (PacificQI) project

The Pacific Quality Infrastructure (PacificQI) initiative began in 2017. JASANZ participated in a workshop in 2019 which brought Pacific nations together to discuss the importance of quality infrastructure in supporting trade and national development.
The project was developed, focusing on metrology and standards development in the region. During this phase, JASANZ prepared a capacity-building proposal based on three areas:

  • conformity assessment awareness
  • survey of conformity assessment needs
  • workshop conformity assessment priorities.

JASANZ plans to run training courses, conduct surveys and workshops and produce a report making recommendations for future activities around conformity assessment.

Assessment services for scheme owners

JASANZ typically assesses Certified Assessment Bodies (CABs) to accredit them and Schemes to endorse them. But we also offer assessment services to scheme owners where schemes lay outside of normal accredited services.

Case study — MPI Council assessments (NZ Ministry for Primary Industries)

JASANZ was approached by MPI to provide assessment services which sit outside of our normal accreditation services provided for many MPI schemes.  The assessments we undertake are of Councils which choose to use a quality management system to manage the verification audits undertaken of food businesses under the New Zealand Food Act 2014.  JASANZ undertakes these assessments under a fee-for-service basis, using a methodology developed by MPI for this purpose.  Reports are provided to MPI for their decisions in relation to the compliance of the Councils with requirements.

To find out more about these sorts of services, or to ask any questions, please contact the Technical Team at tsb@jasanz.org.